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Dubai and its remarkable relationship with art and design

We all might have heard the phrase that ‘Love heals’ and so does the art. When we fall in love, it improves our mood and can be used as therapy during healing. Love and passion towards something make us want to find creative solutions for problems as when we love doing something it is never a burden to us and thus make life easy. Similarly, art comes out of love and is an effortless way to bring some lightheartedness and joy into your life..

Dubai is the perfect example that depicts creativity through its design, art, museums, architecture and a lot of things. No matter which corner of the venue you are standing in, you can witness art in Dubai whether it is in the form of technology, infrastructure, gastronomy, cinema, theatre, music, painting or designing. 

The emirate has become the first city in the Middle East to join a list of 24 global creative cities of the design listed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation). The credit for Dubai being nominated to become a Creative City of Design goes to the contribution of its various prominent development projects in the city.

Establishments like DIDI and Dubai Design District are part of Dubai’s focus on Art and Design. located in the industrial area of Al Quoz is the Al Quoz Creative Zone, a new hub for creative businesses, including those involved in the visual arts, cinema, music and cultural heritage.

Among the notable projects of Dubai are the iconic design of the Dubai Metro and tram, water canal and Jumeirah Corniche which has been applauded widely. Other development projects such as the Bridge of Tolerance on the Dubai Canal and others built across Dubai Creek, most recently the new Shindagha Bridge – a design based on the idea of infinity with its 42-meter high arches enhances Dubai’s infrastructure beyond just functionality.

Though art and creativity are certainly evolving on a continuum, preaching and promoting the artists can bring a drastic change in the development and growth of the city and its infrastructure. This is because an artist’s love for the art and his perception seems never to tire of innovation. Even when the projects that have been well-covered over the years emerge modern and fresh as an artist brings new perspective, insight and technique to bear on them. Addressing the art and creativity further adds to the cultural expansion of the city as well as its lifestyle.